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Fall Family Session at Los Penasquitos

My second favourite time of the year for family sessions is here (Spring Bloom is #1)! Even though San Diego is pretty much a Summer Year Round City, we get some pretty colourful areas, that give away the beginning of fall season. As a photographer I think about the setting of my session ahead of time. Always asking my clients what setting they envision for their session. When they say they want woods and fairytale like setting my heart skips! The gorgeous backgrounds we get are almost surreal, yellowing leaves mixed in with golden sun setting gives us breathtaking tones. Its like a painting that is going on live infront of our eyes!

Imagine looking at these photographs years after and feeling the warmth of those sunrays, once touching your cheeks..... imagine felling those special moments shared with your loved ones at the session and keeping those treasured photographs (hopefully in print) forever....

This season I'm offering Mini Family Sessions at the location of your choice. Its perfect For those on the Budget, saving for all the presents ahead, or to the ones with little kids that only last for a short period of time :) (My two year old is like that).

Click Here for More information about my FAMILY SESSION.

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